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Our goal is to build useful products that enhance the ownership of the 1980 to 1997 Ford OBS trucks. We are the No BS solution to making your truck one of a kind.


SHIPPING LEAD TIME 1-2 WEEK OBS Solutions Hydroboost Upgrade: HYDRO BOOST INSTRUCTIONS Seeking the ultimate brake enhancement for your 1987-1997 Ford F-Series Truck or Bronco? Look no further than OBS Solutions Hydroboost Kit - the definitive solution to elevate your driving experience. No more trying to find old, used or obsolete F-Superduty parts! What's Hydroboost? OBS Solutions Hydroboost Kit replaces your stock vacuum assist brake booster with a hydroboost unit that utilizes power steering hydraulic pressure instead of engine vacuum for braking assist. This provides a tremendous increase in braking power, requires less input from the driver and a much better driving experience, especially when towing. All kits seamlessly integrate with your stock master cylinder and power steering pump. The kit allows the use of your original stock brake pedal and firewall mounting provisions. It's literally “Bolt On”. Those equipped with Super Duty axles boasting rear disk brakes, we recommend the application of a 2005 6.0 master cylinder for optimal performance. Kit Options: Kit 1: Basic Hydroboost/Fittings ONLY This is intended for trucks equipped with the original 5.0 or 5.8, also for those with engine swaps, such as Cummins or LS conversions, this comprehensive kit includes: Custom assembled to spec OBS Solutions NEW Motorcraft Hydroboost with pushrod clevis Mounting plate, hardware and gasket Hydroboost fittings to -6 JIC (x2) Steering gearbox fittings to -6 JIC (x2) Please note: You'll need to procure your own lines and additional fittings tailored to your power steering pump and non-OE components. Utilization of a stock Ford OBS master cylinder or an upgraded Ford master cylinder is required. Kit 2: 1994-97 OBS 7.3 Powerstroke and 460 Gas Truck. Building upon the components of Kit 1, Kit 2 also incorporates: Two pressure hoses Fittings compatible with your stock power steering pump Power steering return hose with required clamps and brass Y fitting Power steering pump fitting to -6 JIC (x1) Kit 3: The ultimate 1994-1997 OBS 7.3 Powerstroke and 460 Gas Truck. Enhancement package, Kit 3 integrates all elements from Kits 1 and 2, further augmented with: A brand-new 1999-2003 7.3 Super Duty power steering pump featuring an extra return line port. This makes installation much simpler and is intended to run a hydroboost unit. Note: We are actively working on complete kits for the 1987-97 OBS Ford Trucks and Broncos running the 5.0/5.8 Gas Engines. Please make sure you completely understand the product, fitment and instructions prior to purchase. Also, be sure to check out our YouTube videos for more information. Please choose whether you would like to incorporate the Electric Vacuum Pump Kit. Purchasing Our Hydro boost kit? Want to get rid of that ugly vacuum booster on the front of your 7.3 engine thats robbing horse power and clutering up your engine bay? Well look no further we have the perfect bundle for you. Included in the Electric Vacuum Pump Kit are: New belt tensioner Serpentine belt Electric vacuum pump Vacuum pump bracket See instuctions for Electric Vacuum Pump Kit below ELECTRIC VACUUM PUMP INSTRUCTIONS THIS IS INTENTED FOR OFFROAD USE ONLY


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Top Shelf products, top shelf crew...I like the fact that they are coming up with new twists on old or obsolete parts for these trucks and the restoration jobs are outstanding. Keep up the good work!!

Brian Casselman

Friendly knowledgeable staff! Easy to work with! They just did some much needed work to my 95 f350 crew cab gas 460. They put on a reverse shackle kit with super duty springs and all new door hinges and got my rear power windows and locks working again! It was not cheap but you know what they say, cheap labor isn’t skilled, and skilled labor isn’t cheap!Thanks for your help making me fall in love with my truck again!As the money comes I’ll likely be having you do more work to my truck! Thank you to Will and the folks at Crabtree automotive and OBS Solutions in Albany!

Paul Stewart

Bought several products from them and nothing but high praise. One of the few companies that spends a ton of time and effort in designing high quality parts for the 92-97 Ford trucks.

Cam Cohen

Have been waiting for this (Sport Mirror to Swing Lock Conversion Kit) product for years now. Bolts on easy, whole project took me about an hour. No vibrations going down the road. Easy to lock in place and tighten.

Jeremy Mathews

Very happy with the design and looks of the Hood Strut Kit. I do believe this product will save many hoods from being destroyed due to the OEM springs malfunctioning.

Stetson B.

Just before these (Swing Lock Mirror Gasket Set) became available I purchased the mirror mounts to replace the old rusty ones. I was a little sad that the factory gaskets didn’t look good. These came out and man do they look 100 times better than the old cracked factory gaskets. Recommend these to anyone replacing the mirror mounts!


Front Rocker Guard Kit is very easy to install, they come with new threaded tabs to bolt them on but if the factory ones are still there like mine were you don't need to used them. Take the original screws out of your fender and use the new Philips screws the pack comes with to bolt these on. They look nice and protect my fenders well since I removed the original corroded aluminum steps.


The OBSSolutions crew can’t miss


Purchased these (Front Rocker Guard Kit) because I wanted to delete my factory side steps but liked the protection they offered for the paint. These rocker guards bolted up in place and block line of sight for rock trajectory at the main rocker. They look minimal and cool.

Thomas Stanbach

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